Minnesota State Fair & Habitat Dreams

Yesterday, sandwiched between all the eating and people-watching at the Minnesota State Fair, I roamed the grounds in search of the Adopt-A-Garden exhibits.  This natural looking river, created by Mike’s Lawn and Landscaping of Hastings Minnesota, was just one of the many that caught my attention.

Natural looking pond created by Mike's Lawn & Landscape, Hastings, MN

Since I don’t know Mike or his landscape team this isn’t a recommendation to use their services. BUT, since I can easily imagine a water feature like this in my backyard habitat, I do think Mike’s team should be noted for a great design job.  I can picture the birds, toads, and dragonflies already living in my yard making good use of a water feature like this.  The gentle waterfall provides just enough movement to keep the water fresh, but not enough current to scare anyone.  The natural rock border inspires visions of lazy rivers. Which leads me to believe that the river birch we’ll be planting would find this feature lovely as well.

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I also enjoyed the native plant exhibits located just outside the horticulture buildings.  Since I already have sedum, coneflower, and salvia galore, seeing them all grouped together was helpful.  The butterflies couldn’t get enough of these plants either.

Just before my family came and ushered me off to the Romantica concert, I managed a quick look at the rain barrels.  Yes, I want one of those, too.  I’ve been eyeing them via the internet, but they we’re really impressive in person.  No joke. I’ll post on those another time.

I also did my garden civic duty and joined the Minnesota Horticultural Society. I am now the proud owner of a new pair of pruning sheers, a discount card that will keep me on budget (hmmm!), and a subscriber to Northern Gardener Magazine.  If I didn’t know better, I’d think I’d legitimized my habitat dreams.

It was a full day, but it is all just beginning.  Practical Hubby and I have decided what to do with the sod! Weather permitting, our backyard habitat project will kick-off this week.