Six Trees & Counting…

by Beth | More Than Oregano

Five years later I now have six trees and birds, birds, birds in my yard!  I think it’s amazing.  What used to be just a plot of dirt has become a community center for many feathered species, some furry critters, lots of bugs, and probably many living things I don’t even know about.

Yet, my backyard habitat is still just a baby.  It will be quite awhile before it’s all grown up …..and maybe that is the point, it really won’t ever be finished.  Like each of us, it will always be in process.  There will always be something to improve upon and something new to try.

However, I promise to resist pulling out my photo album and boring you with all my backyard’s “newborn” photos.  Egaads!  Instead, we’ll just jump right in with the story in process.  It seems simpler that way.  I’m sure as we go along I’ll find ways to catch you up on the interesting tidbits that I’ve learned along the way as well as posting new info, photos, and drawings.

But the part of this blog I think you’ll enjoy the most is seeing the fascinating gardens and nature sites that I visit. I’m always on the lookout for the unusual as well as the ordinary used in new ways.  The ingenuity of nature and the ability of people to express that ingenuity is exceptional.  I look forward to passing on what I experience in the hope that it will inspire you to create your own small place of wonder and engagement.