Ahhh….the rain (part 2)

by Beth | More Than Oregano

Of course this IS Minnesota and once it starts raining after days of 90+ degrees, the sweetness in the garden only lasts for a moment.  Within five minutes the winds picked up, the gentle pitter-patter turned to a torrent, and anything not nailed down began moving.  The text conversation between my no-nonsense Minnesota hubby and I  went like this:

Hubby, “Nice rain.”

Me, “Ah, yes!  Of course there is nothing half-hearted about MN weather. I hope my patio furniture doesn’t blow/float away.”

Hubby, “I’ll find them and bring them back.”

The end.

That was it.  Twenty minutes later the storm is over.  What was once 90 degrees is now 75 degrees.  Happiness returns to the garden.