Removing ALL THE SOD

Sod Cutter

We did it!  Thanks to this “sleek” machine and old-fashioned brute labor the sod is gone. Amazingly, the process was faster and smoother than Practical Hubby or I thought it would be.  While this little beast does rank low in the “easy to maneuver” category, it can be commended for a clean and neat job of cutting.

A little tough to corner with...

...but what a clean cut! (Click on images to view larger

Thanks to the rolling and hauling skills of our three boys, it wasn’t long before the first garden area was cleared.  In just a few hours we were on our way to building the foundation for our backyard habitat.

Cleared garden area

Of course, once we cut, rolled and hauled the sod, we were still left with the question…….

NOW what do we do with all the sod????

Our initial plan had been to wait a week until our town’s composting day.   Then, possibly the smartest idea we’d had all day hit us, Practical Hubby posted “Free Sod” on Craig’s List.  Within an hour “Dave” and his trailer were at our place loading all the sod for his son’s new home.  One man’s scrap is another man’s treasure.