Where Do Smart Hummingbirds Hang-Out?

by Beth | More Than Oregano

The smartest Minnesota hummingbirds know to hang out in Henderson.  Why?  Because that town ADORES their ruby-throated hummingbirds!  This past weekend the birds and townspeople hosted the Henderson Hummingbird Hurrah in style.  The town served up everything one could want in a birding festival — food, workshops, art, hospitality, and a wonderful opportunity to view hummingbirds in a backyard habitat.

The Hurrah is a joint project of Henderson Feathers and the Minnesota Audubon.  It’s a unique small-town event that encourages participants to experience hummingbirds the way their hosts do–up-close and personal.  It didn’t take me long to figure out that the hummer banding is the highlight of the festival!

Browse the photo gallery below for a glimpse into the bird banding part of my morning. The banding took place in Dolores Hagan’s lovely backyard habitat.   Hagan’s gardens are my type of places:  smaller in scale, but large in graciousness.  Her garden habitats are a joy for humans and birds alike.

Guest speaker and hummingbird-bander,  Donald Mitchell from the University of Minnesota Extension Services, shared details on the best way to get those teeny-tiny band onto a hummingbird leg.  He also told us that in case of a sly get-away, it’s better to band first, gather data second.

The hand holding the little female hummer belongs to one lucky birthday boy!  I’m sure the bird banding experience is a birthday present this boy will remember for a long time to come!

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