How to Survive a Minnesota Winter

by Beth | More Than Oregano

andrees smartwool socks

Image by Lal Beral via Flickr

I came to Minnesota 10 years ago.  I didn’t think I’d need to develop too many new winter survival skills.  Afterall, I was from Chicago, the Windy City.  It wasn’t like I hadn’t endured cold, rain, wind, snow, etc. before.  In fact, my husband and I relocated to his home state of Minnesota because we like winter.

What I wasn’t prepared for was how long the winter lasts. Winter in Central Minnesota starts a good 3-4 weeks before a Chicago winter and typically last 3-4 weeks longer, totaling 6-8 weeks more winter.  And while Chicago has the market on Wind, Minnesota wins the Arctic Chill Award for the most sub-zero days in a row.  I guess I didn’t fact those little points in when I made the move.  My error.

So for 7 years I endured l-o-n-g, bitterly cold winters.  The term, Snowbird, began to have more real-life significance to me.  While I loved Minnesota’s clear blue winter sky, the cold was killing me!  Then one day I walked into a sporting goods store and found the item that save my life…..Smartwool socks.

Pictured to the right are one of my favorite daily pair.  They go with almost anything.  The bright colors remind me that while it may be bitterly cold at the moment, spring will return.  I will once again hear the daily melody of songbirds.  Meanwhile, I might as well be as toasty warm as possible.  When my toes are warm, happiness flows through my body.

Once my feet were warm on a daily basis, I began to look again at the outdoors.  Maybe I didn’t have to stay locked inside my house all winter long.  Soon, I discovered that Smartwool also makes their Performance line, usually called PhD or Ski Socks.  Hooray! I was unleashed from my home!  I’m now outside almost everyday.

I don’t work for Smartwool.  I hope they don’t take this endorsement as an excuse for raising their already absurd prices (They are way too expensive for socks already!), but I do think they are the greatest socks around.  If you live in a very cold region, love to be outdoors, but feel hemmed in by the weather, then I strongly advise investing in a few pairs of Smartwools.  You’ll find out that they wash great, never smell, and last for far longer than your average pair of socks.  Go ahead.  Live life outdoors even in the coldest months of the year!