Grouchy Ladybugs

by Beth | More Than Oregano

Grouchy Ladybugs, © Beth Billstrom, inspired by Eric Carle (double click image to view larger)

The other day I had some art friends over for lunch and painting.  I love this group of ladies.  It had been a tough week for me at work, and I was looking forward to some whimsical painting.  We had gotten together just a few weeks earlier to paint eggs, Ukrainian style.  It had been a great afternoon.  I was looking forward to a similar lighthearted, laughter-filled experience.

However, my friends had a different agenda.  They came ready to spark political debates, weigh-in on serious artistic critiques of each others’ work, and express their general dissatisfaction with the world as it is today.  Me, I really just felt like painting purple robins and other humorous views of life.  Needless to say, it wasn’t a great afternoon for me.  By the time they left, I was in sour spirits and felt gypped out of a fun-filled afternoon.

Art is art, and by it’s definition it is many things to many people.  So, in that spirit I took my sour feelings and turned them into a humorous account of the afternoon.  I love art and all its many facets.   AND, I still love my art friends, too.

Enjoy your day, whatever it brings you!