Charley Harper Birds

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Today, despite plummeting temperatures, I’m feeling lighthearted.  Therefore, I decided to share with you a few of my Charley Harper (1922 – 2007) bird illustrations.  Aren’t they great?  Harper was not only a gifted artist, he was also a dedicated conservationist.  I love Harper’s work because he shares my view that supporting and learning about nature is fun.

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Harper’s art is purposefully playful and engaging.  He believed humor made is easier for others to change their attitudes and become environmentally aware.  Through colorful and texture-rich graphic images Harper allows viewers a glimpse of nature’s possibilities.  According to The Charley Harper Art Studio,  “Harper imaginatively investigated the similarities between human and wild animal behaviors, but completely without anthropomorphism.”  Harper once said, “I learn as much as I can about the creatures that interest me, and they all do. I observe them and find out how they interact with each other and their environments and ask myself, ‘What if?'”

I think Charley Harper answered his question quite nicely.