Foul Smelling Day ….Aromatherapy Rescue

Raspberry Lemonade.  Lemon Citrus.  Ocean Water.  Macintosh Apple.  Cinnamon Bun.   Close your eyes and inhale deeply.  Can you smell the wonderful aromas?  On my way home from work today, I knew exactly what I wanted to blog about…..the restorative power of aromatherapy.

If you’re a purist, then you already know that holistic aromatherapy is the practice of using volatile plant oils, including essential oils, for psychological and physical well-being.  Well, I need to confess that I’m not a purist when it comes to aromatherapy. Anything goes.  Some aromas make me feel great while others have a seriously negative effect.

Unfortunately for me, today was a foul smelling day.  One bad smell was layered upon another.  My head ached and my stomach was queasy.  By the end of the day even being outside in the fresh air didn’t clear my head.  I just couldn’t shake it off.  On days like today, I rely on my Beanpod ™ beads and bead burner to rescue me.

Beanpod™ soy beads and burner

I love my Beanpod™ beads and burner.  With over 60 fragrances available, it will take me a long time to try them all.  The difference between using soy beads rather than a candle is that the beads can be mixed together into wonderful combinations like Chocolate Waffle (who wouldn’t want to smell that after a rough day??), Strawberry Creme Pie, Fruit Cooler, and Mocha Danish.  I simply sprinkle a few beads into the glass burner, and then light the small candle.  The beads burn clean with no smokey residue.  And even though I’m typically sensitive to perfumes and other fragrances, these don’t bother me at all.  The scent is pleasant rather than overpowering.

Phew!  I’m glad that my day is over.  Right now I’m being rejuvenated by the aroma of Raspberry Lemonade.  Huge improvement!