The Library

Welcome to my personal library.

As a kid, I remember spending an entire summer organizing our family book collection (which was extensive) into a library complete with check-out cards and routing slips!   Although it may not have been an incredibly practical thing to do, I considered it a labor of love.  I’d wait until the hottest part of the day then seek out a cool spot on our lower level or outside in our backyard under a shady tree. While the rest of humanity was sweltering (we didn’t have air conditioning), I stayed busy cataloguing the titles, authors, and future check-out dates.   Once the heat broke, I’d be back out in the mainstream of the neighborhood whooping it up with my friends.

Awhile ago my mom dragged a beat-up cardboard box out of her closet.  In it was just a small portion of the books that had once been in our family library.  What a riot it was to see my childlike handwriting scribbled across the little check-out slips taped into the front cover of each book.

It will take me more than a summer to post all the books that I have in my current collection.  And while I know that others have already reviewed most of these titles, I’d like to chime in my thoughts, if only for the love of it.  So when the days get too hot, too cold, or I just no longer feel like “whooping it up” in life, I’ll take a few minutes and post about the books in my current library.  However, you’ll have to head to your local library or book store to find your own copies.  I won’t be able to provide check-out cards or routing slips for these books!

Happy reading!

The Artistic Anatomy of Trees by Rex Vicat Cole

You can tell from the cover that this is a well-worn and loved copy of Rex Vicat Cole’s, “The Artistic Anatomy of Trees”.  It is a gem of a book that provides an artistic eye into the individuality of trees.  Cole speaks both knowledgeably and poetically about trees and their structure.  Although originally published almost a century ago (1915) , its wisdom and insights are timely for today’s artists.